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We are a registered charity giving young people the opportunity to learn chess and take part in competitions.
“Chess is Everything – Art, Science and Sport.”
Anatoly Karpov (Former World Chess Champion)

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Parks Congress – Juniors in the International Open

No fewer than seven top juniors took part in the Open FIDE-rated Tournament at the Parks on 23rd-25th September, playing against some of the top adult players in the area.. 19-year old Szymon Palucha distinguished himself by finishing second with 4/5, losing only to the eventual winner and gaining about 70 international rating points at the same time.  Szymon’s original rating of 1975 will have passed the coveted 2000 mark with plenty to spare!

. Also gaining points were 13-year old Max Turner , whose 3.5/5 score gained him 74 rating points.  Jonathon Peoples, a 16-year old from Ireland, also scored 3.5,  gaining him 87 points .  Zheming Zhang (14) and Joseph Dalton (15) both scored 3/5.  In an apparent injustice Zheming gained 78 points, but Joseph lost 5!  The discrepancy comes because Joseph started with a much higher rating than Zheming and was therefore expected to score more. Our top rated junior, 13-year old James Moreby, fared even less well,  his score of 2.5/5  losing some 50 points. Knowing James, I’m sure he’ll bounce back pretty quickly.  Much the youngest, 8-year old Yifan Han, scored 2/5 and improved his rating by 17 points

Note :  International ratings are quite different from ECF grades.  An approximate comparison is the formula ; (FIDE rating) = (ECF grade) x 7.5 + 700.  But FIDE rating points can only be scored by playing in FIDE rated tournaments.

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